S1E10 - The Activation #24: The Intersection of Spirituality and Activism with Miriam Gomez
S1E9 - The Activation #23: Creating the 2023 of Your Dreams with Catherine Austin Fitts
S1E8 - The Activation #22: Separating Climate Facts from Fiction with James Corbett
S1E7 - The Activation #21: Where is The Conscious Agora?
S1E7 - The Activation #20: Jason Bermas Remembers 9/11, Loose Change, & Exposes the NASA-Transhumanist Agenda
S1E6 - The Activation #19: Breaking Through Medical Propaganda with Del Bigtree
S1E5 - The Activation #18: Jackson Strong on Being a King & the Aurea Conference
S1E4 - The Activation #17: Finding Meaning Among Mass Formation with Mattias Desmet
S1E3 - The Activation #16: Reclaiming Anarchism & Spirit with Paul Cudenec
S1E2 - The Activation #15: Questioning Your Assumptions and Navigating the Spiritual-Technocracy with Henna Maria